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We create captivating concerts.


TAIKODO is hosting music concerts
mainly in oder to introduce
the works of EMURA Natsuki,composer/pianist.

2017.Dec.25 "Compositions by Emura" Updated

Snow-covered Mountain, train rush

Introduction of EMURA Natsuki

Sounds Page

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2004.Sept. 4. updated.
"I am creating sound in which
two or more men can relax at a weekend."
- EMURA Natsuki

The composer is still considering about next idea...

Some Ideas by EMURA Natsuki
2005. Sept. 24. updated.
(We will update this essay on the first date of month.)

TAIKODO Web Concert

Aram Khachaturian:Toccata (1932)

Message from TAIKODO

CD information
EMURA Natsuki "UN-NUN"

Compositions by EMURA

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