EMURA Natsuki Works

YEAR 1985

Simulations (Vn.) 7'


DONVAL AGA (Rock band)


ZIZII (4 Vo. Ob. Sax. Va. Tape) 15'


Dokyumento Guvo-oroji [ Document Guvo-ology] I (Tape) 18'
Dokyumento Guvo-oroji II (Tape) 8'


Concert "Genkoya-No-Tanusan" (3 Voice performers)


ASHI-TO-TE (Performers) [score (pdf file)]
UTA-NO-UTAGE (Fl. Pf.) 3' [score (pdf file)]


Music for gallarey I (Tape ; Loop)
Music for gallarey II (Tape ; Loop)
24 Dots (Tape) 7' [CD]


FUYU-NO-TEGAMI (Pf. Perc. Vo. Act.) 15'
Sutdy for FUYU-NO-TEGAMI (Pf.) 7' [score (pdf file)]


I RUB YOU (Fl. Cl. Fg.) 8' [score (pdf file)] [DVD-R]
UN-NUN (Any melodic instruments include keyboard) 9' [score, version for piano (pdf file)] [CD] [DVD-R]


KOTENPAN-NO-TEPPAN (Attention to produce (an) object of iron)
A Hill With A Window (Vn. Pf.) 8' [CD] [score (pdf file)]


Music of Henbai (8 Melodica ensenble) 10' [score (pdf file)]
March (1 Pf. 4-hands) 3' [score (pdf file)]
Lullaby (1 pf. 4-hands) 4' [score (pdf file)]
Monochromatic (Multi Track Recording) [mp3]


12 Fanfares [1991-] (Pf.) 8' [score (pdf file)] [mp3] [CD] [CD-R] [DVD-R]
4 Cholares (Electric key.)
Accompaniment for Cholares (Tape) 34'
Tabla Talk (Electric key. or Pf. or Wooden perc.) [CD]
Music made from scrached woods (Tape) 10' [CD]
To Be To Be Ten Made To Be [3 pieces] (Pf.) 5' [score (pdf file)]


Play Of Time Difference (3 Sho's) 10' [score (pdf file)]
Waltz (1 Pf. 4-hands) 5' [score (pdf file)]
Elegy (1 Pf. 4-hands) 7' [score (pdf file)]
Etude (1 Pf. 4-hands) 4' [score (pdf file)]


Simulations [Version for trombone] (Trb.) 7' [score (pdf file)]
Music Of Streaming And Wind (Tape) 10' [mp3]
Mixture (Tape) 10'
Flow (Pf.) 8' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Man-yo Songs [3 pieces] (Vo.)


Music Of Tree (Cb.) 18' [score (pdf file)]
YOSAKU (Act) [score (pdf file)]
Study I (Tape) 10' [CD]
Study II (Tape) 10'
On A Ship (9 Wind and Brass insts.) 5'
DASSAI GOGI (Hoso-zao, Futo-zao, 13-stringed-Koto, Perc, 2 narrators) 20'
Montage (Cl. Hr. Vn. Vc.) 8' [score (pdf file)] [CD]
Flow II (13-stringed Koto) 10' [score (pdf file)]


Tales (Vo.)
Music Of Tree [Version for horn] (Hr.) 15'
A Drawing Room (3 Sax's) 6' [score (pdf file)]
Pre Lightology (5 or more voices)


Three Pieces (Any insts.) [CD]
Three Musics (Any insts.) [score (pdf file)] [CD] [YouTube]
Scatter (Pf.) 3' [YouTube]
Almost (Alto sax.) 16'
And (Harp performer and percussion performer) 18'
Piano Dance (1 Pf. 6-hands) 4' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
How About Singing A Song Looking At The Moon? (Accordion) 10' [score (pdf file)] [mp3]


The Form Of Crevice (Pf.) 20' [DVD-R]
Four Interludes (Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)]


Dream [YouTube]
(a male voice, a female voice/song, 2 vn, alt sax, 13-stringed koto, piano, PA-reproduction) 55'
Weeks1-4 (Multi track recording)


Imperfect Conversations, which had been done among women of different characters
(2 female Vn, 1 female Perc, 1 female Nude actor, 1 male Hall cleaner) 60' [Real Video]
Study III (Multi track recording) 20'
Piano Music (piano solo) 10' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]


A ground-breaking celemony (Vn, Pf.) 7' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Put Ginteppei (13-stringed-koto) 26'
Not for something but (Multi Track Recording) 8'45" [mp3]


Lingering day (Fl. Vc. Mokugyo. Triangle) 10'


Countanance A (Sax, Trb.) 7' [score (pdf file)]
Countanance B (Sax. Trb.) 7' [score (pdf file)]
Reading Method By Haiku Of YAMAGUCHI Seishi (Vo. Pf.) [score (pdf file)]
Musics Without Rescript (Any insts.) [YouTube] [score (pdf file)]


Four Scenes (2 Trb.) 20' [YouTube] [score (pdf file)]
To Be To Be Ten Made To Be [1997-] (3 Sax. Pf.) 7' [YouTube]
In a Dream (Female voice, Cl. Pf. PA) [score (pdf file)]
I want to play clarinet (Cl.) 10'
The Song Which I Caught Then [5 pieces] (Cl. Trp.) 20' [YouTube] [score (pdf file)]
Piano Music II (Pf.) 5' [score (pdf file)]


Four Square Movements (Cl. Soprano sax. Trp. Pf.) 12' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Sing Please (Voice) 30' [score (Japanese text ; pdf file)] [YouTube]
Action of Moving Small Stones (Act)
Four Written Improvisations (Cl. Trp. Pf.) 16' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]

Samuel Barber : Adagio For Strings Op.11 (1996- ; piano) [score (pdf file)]


A Village Where A River Flows (Cl. Trp. Vc. Pf.) 25' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Nocturnes (Cl. Trb. Pf. + Perc.) 20' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Action of Dropping the Fragments of Wood from the Height (Act)
Simulation (Cl. Trb. Pf.) [1985 - 2011]


Esquisse for Still Life E (Pf.) 10'
Esquisse for Still Life F (Pf.) 10'
Still Life E (Acc. Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)]
Still Life F (Acc. Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
A Three-man Talk In Summer (Trb. Cb. Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
March (1996- ; Picc. Cl. Acc. Bariton Sax. Pf. ) 5' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Waltz (1998- ; Cl. Acc. Trb. Cb. Pf.) 6' [score (pdf file)]
Lullaby (1996- ; Cl. Acc. Cb. Pf.) 4' [score (pdf file)]
Etude (1996- ; Cl. Acc. Trb. Cb. Pf.) 7' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]

Hermann Necke : Csikos Post (Fl. Cl. Acc. Bariton Sax. Pf.)
Aram Khachaturian : Sabre Dance (Fl. Cl. Acc. Bariton Sax. Pf.)
Franz Shubert : Military March No.1 (Cl. Acc. Trb. Cb. Pf.)
J.S.Bach : Air (From Suite BWV1069 ; Cl. Acc. Trb. Cb. Pf.)


Entangle (Genkan Sho Cl. Pf.) 24' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]
Four Bent Inventions (Hichiriki Cl. Soprano sax. Vla. Metal perc.) 22' [score (pdf file)] [YouTube]

Dmitri Shostakovich : Largo (3rd movement from Symphony No.5 Op.47 ; Pf.)
John Lennon + Paul McCarteny : Yesterday (Hichiriki Cl. Soprano sax. Vla. Pf.)
J.S.Bach : Air (From Suite BWV1068 ; Hichiriki Cl. Soprano sax. Vla. Pf.)


Look There, Voices Come From Other Side Of Fog [5 pieces] (Fl. Pf.) 20' [score (pdf file)]
Look There, Voices Come From Other Side Of Fog vol.2 [3 pieces] (Fl. Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)]
A Quiet Song (4-Stringed Satsuma Biwa) 14' [score (pdf file)]
From The Window Of Train Named B (Fl. Acc. Fg.) 9' [score (pdf file)]

J.S.Bach : Chorale Prelude "The Saviour Of Heathen Now Comes" BWV659 (Fl. Acc. Fg.)


Look There, Voices Come From Other Side Of Fog vol.3 [3 pieces] (Fl. Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)]
The Bouquets To Hand To You [2 pieces] (Fl. Acc. Fg. Vc. Perc.) 16' [score (pdf file)]
Nothing (Chamber Cantata by Four Players ; Poem by TAMURA Ryuichi ; Female Vo. Fl. Fg. E-bass) ca.22' [score (pdf file)]
Three Melodies (Any insts.) [score (pdf file)]


Entelecheia (Nokan Pf.) 10' [score (pdf file)]
I Hear Something In The Distance, Maybe That Is A Festival (Nokan Hichiriki Soprano sax. Female Vo. Perc.) 20' [score (pdf file)]
A Moment When The Bell Rings (Trio Sonata for 17-stringed-Koto, Vibraphone and Piano) [score (pdf file)]

YAMADA Azusa:37 Degree (2016; 17-stringed-Koto Vib. Pf.)

Copyright EMURA Natsuki
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